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Insurance. A common word, but ask five different people what insurance means, the chances are that you'll get five different answers.

Even dictionaries give a range of quite profoundly different definitions of what insurance is, and they don't tend to explain the other key questions about insurance: why would someone want it, and what types of insurance are there.

The aim of this site is to outline just what insurance is, and even a little of the way that insurance costs can be calculated and the complicated mathematics that sits behind insurance.

The site also includes articles on a range of different insurance products, outlining what exactly they are, and the types of cover that might be included under an often umbrella term that subdivides into quite different categories.

Finally other articles look at the sorts of factors taken into account and therefore ways in which a person could look to reduce the costs of their insurance - and other simple tips such as taking multiple insurance products from one provider.

Here is a list of our current articles: