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Van Insurance

Most people know about car insurance, but what about van insurance? Clearly if you drive a van then you need to know about van insurance.

There are various different types of van insurance which offer different forms of protection and therefore have different types of costs associated with them.

Firstly there is third party insurance, which is the least costly of the types of insurance available. With this product, there is the minimum of cover, and indeed this is the minimum type of cover that is allowed by law in most countries. The policies in this category will not pay out for such things as damage to the vehicle if there is an accident, or theft of it, or indeed costs associated with fixing the van.

The next level of cover up includes third party still, of course, but adds fire and theft cover. It is pretty self-explanatory what the additional benefits of this type of cover are - and of course the cost of the product is higher too, compared to purely having third party cover.

The most expensive of the types of cover is the fully comprehensive plan - which as the name implies, is comprehensive. Although it is detailed as fully comprehensive, there may still be things that are not covered by it, and for which instead some other sort of breakdown cover is required.

As with many insurance products, there are all sorts of different types and nuances out there and indeed specialist products on the market too. For instance different types for couriers and other sorts of jobs related to van driving.

Remember that you will need to state what the usage of your van is when getting quotes for van insurance - eg whether it is for carrying your own goods or for haulage or whatever other reason your van will be used for.

As with all insurance products, one should shop around then taking out van insurance as there are so many providers out there and with many different requirements to take into account, it is worth getting a range of different quotes.

As ever, those who are younger will generally have higher costs to contend with as generally there is more likely to be an accident and hence a claim for the younger driver meaning that premiums are higher. However there are specialist providers out there for younger van drivers so again it is worth contacting those options too when looking into which type to take out.

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